Do the CSR!

CSR is the coolest thing that is happening this summer in SL, right now! What you need to do, is to buy something from the participating stores (here) and get a CSR card. Then get it stamped from all of the 20 participating vendors who are giving away the awesomest gifts. You can also give your stamped cards to your friends if you have extra. Finally, go to the CSR event hall and exchange a gift from the vendor. Yes, it's that easy. (A little tip for those who have more than one CSR card, attach all of them to any place that you can attach on your body to get it stamped all at once.)

I had been waiting for it since a month ago, and also had been collecting cards to get the gifts that I want. This morning, I went around and got my card stamped and finally I was at the event hall.









I have 7 cards, so I got a couple more silly stuff with them and you shall see me busy blogging my new toys on the blog in the coming few posts. This event will end a week after 8/31. This summer, do the CSR!


Where's the adorable dress you have on from? :)

9/8/08 1:18 AM  

That is from Armidi Gisaci- Smoky Nymph.

9/8/08 9:12 AM  

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