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Friends who know me knows that I am more of a cocktail dress girl, I only started buying ball gowns when I got a job at Frank's. That is when my formal wear folder expanded. Although I am not a great fan of formal wear, from then on, I just can't keep my eyes and hands off those colorful flowy ball gowns. Paying a whopping thousand linden can indeed get you an exquisite gown with excellent trims and everything, but sometimes (seriously) the good things are just right there, at your reach, for a linden or less. I admit that these gowns are not as flawless as those that you get in Nicky Ree or Tres Jolie, however, it is good enough for you to be the talk of the night if you wear it with the right accessories.

From Left To Right:
Gown: Soraya Shan: Happiness Ballgown (Free)
Gown:Lemania: 1920's Peacock Dress (1L for today, hurry!)
Gown: Miyabi: 4 seasons flowers (Free)

I love this Powder Puff Dress which is a Lemania Group Gift that they are giving away this time. It reminds me of a demure version of my favorite Tres Jolie Fou Fou d'amour dress which cost way lot more. The dress comes with a pair of matching shoes too, and the whole outfit only costs 1L if you join the group. Do you see the resemblance?

dress comparison
From Left To Right:
Gown:Lemania: Powder Puff Dress (1L for a week, join group to buy.)
Gown: Tres Jolie: Fou Fou d'amour

Okay. Enough ramblings about gowns. Back to the usual free stuff. There are two really cute tees up for grab at ElectroCUTE.

something interesting
Bottom:Soraya Shan: Summer Outfit: Camouflage Pants (Free)
Tops from Left To Right:
Top:ElectroCUTE: Gloomy Free Tee.
Top: ElectroCUTE :Hollywood Free Tee.

That's it for now, have fun!!


A great site that I found with gorgeous formal gowns is http://www.elegantmart.com/

I was really please with all the different styles that they offer. (formal, cocktail dresses, or even more casual dresses)

7/8/08 6:28 PM  

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