Freebie Love.

Another very quick update as I have something else to do. Only free and dollarbie stuffs are listed

From Left to Right
Dress: HLC: Hella Dress
Sakka's Studio: Simple Flat Shoes: Black
Dress: HLC: Charlotte Dress
Sakka's Studio: Simple Flat Shoes: Silver

Hair: Shop Seu at Mobile Factory:Mofumofu hair -yellow brown (seriously, its free)
Top: Dutch Touch: Plaid Shirt unisex -Green with Print (Subscribe-o-matic gift for group)
Bottom: [Random Fashions] at Gnubie
: Very Skinny Jeans (1L)
Sakka's Studio: Simple Flat Shoes: Red

The gorgeous flats that I am wearing are from Sakka's Studio counter in a flea market at JBrand Mall. Go up the ramp. You’ll reach a point where you need to walk a bit to your left and continue. Thanks to Beanie Canning on the tips. These are some great shoes for free!!

Dress: Ibizzare: Red Carpet Dress

I heard that there's a hunt in Ibizzare but I haven't get into it yet, I believe it's worth sometime for the hunt.The red dress shown above is one of the freebies that you can get right at the counter. Speaking of which, Stiletto Moody, the Christian Louboutin of SL, has some private sales on, just for group members, everything off season is 40 percent if you have some (a couple thousands) Lindens to spare, join the Stiletto Moody group and check it out!


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