Home Sweet Home

If you have a house in SL, you don't need to search high and low as I am showing you a couple of items that you might need for that empty space in your house which you don't know what to do with it.

Mat: Massimo! Amico! (Free for 1 more day, join group to get!)
Red Vase with Plants Display: Tango New York gift at KMADD
Bookshelf: Style Magazine

Style Magazine might be a place that you want to check out, because other than various furnitures that you can get for free, you can get a lot of free clothes and shoes too.

My creation
Lamp: Style Magazine
Chair: SOLA

If you are looking for contemporary sofas but somehow is spoil by the color choices you are given, you should try out SOLA, they have this really cool set of sofa that changes color (and poses) by just a touch at a very reasonable price. I personally own a set because I love the versatility of it. Good luck furnishing your home!


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