Wow, so much drama in a day. The Blockhead/ Ding (imposter) / Ding Fotherington (imposter)/ Blogger Content Policy/ Did you not, we know you are the same person causing the stir, and don't try to deny it, because we never suspected you are different people altogether. Grow up and stop acting like a blockhead.

Anyway, to stop all these drama of the fake Ding and Vent flooding the chatterbox with hate IMs, we decided that we shall mute ourselves from the chatterbox and will choose to be a listener instead. The reason we come to this is because we don't want to upset fellow bloggers/readers who don't know us as well and think that we are the one who wrote these crap. Those who know us well enough, you know it's not us, and we are not chickens who hide our names after doing something mean. Take that, you fugly noob!

Now, group gift alert! Thimbles is giving away a really cute pinstripe dress (for group members) which matches perfectly with the maroon tie given away by KYOOT to the members too.

Dress: Thimbles - California-Grey (Join I love Starlust Group and check notices)
Tie: [Kyoot] - Kitschy Neck Tie - Red (Group Exclusive from subscribe o matic)

That's it for today. Good night!


Honestly Ding, I would just get a different chatbox that posts each users IP to you.

That way you can mute, ban or even give me their IP address so I can track them down and out them. ^_^

27/9/08 12:15 AM  

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