Old School Cupcakes

When I first started in SL, I hated myself. I was this noob wearing fugly freebie outfits from freebie islands. I was very frustrated with what I have in my inventory until I found I love Cupcakes boutique and this discovery kinda changed my fashion sense in SL drastically. My virtual closet was then basically only filled with every single dress from Cupcakes until Armidi came along and turned me into a jeans girl (and that's another story altogether).

Last week, I was telling Ephemeral how old school cupcakes dresses rocks and there is no other place in SL that gathers all these great detailed prints cocktail dresses all at one location. And yesterday, I got this notice from cupcakes saying they are selling these used to be discontinued dresses at
20L (gosh what a steal) in their basement, here, I was so happy and I thought I should just spread the word since the dresses are timeless. :)

Here are a few of my favorites:

Dresses: Cupcakes (20L)

Get them before they are gone for good!!


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