More updates~

A lucky chair. Two freebies. Three Dollarbies. Oh, what a happy day.

Lucky chair and Pulse
From Left to Right:

Dress: *Reale* : Fiori dress-orange (lucky chair)
Top: Pulse: Blue Button Shirt (free)

Pink Outfitters
Outfit (not including shoes): [Pink]: Antique Denim & Paint Splatter Hoodie (free)

Minajunk and wigwwambam
Tattoos from Left to Right:
Tattoos: MinaJunk@Truth: OTattoo Gift (1L)
Tattoos: Wigwambam: Sailor Love Tattoo (1L, in a pack of 4)

Gown: MF : Pink Darina gown (Join Marinoco Fashion group to get, 1L)

p/s I have a list for the Exile hunt (not very complete), so if you have yet to start, and lazy to do it, you can get one from me. No, I didn't do the IC skin hunt , and I welcome and appreciate someone to give me a complete list for that. Thank you!


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