[UPDATE]: Digit Darkes is having the weekly 1L and 100L hunt, right now. The 1L item is the Liquid Latex Bra inTurquoise (find it here) ad 100L item is the French Affair Dress in Ecossais (find it here). Hunt ends midnight. HURRY!!

A short and sweet hunt at Prim and Pixel Paradise, will end tomorrow. 4 boxes to be found to complete the whole pirate look. Tp here to start and here are the coords.

Pirate Hunt
Skin: ::Zullay:: Natural Skins- Honey (free fat pack)(0L)

Lemania Indigo has given out a new dollarbie for group members this week and this time they even include a skin with it (skin not shown).

Outfit: Lemania Indigo:Blue Velvet Box (9/20/08 Group Gift) (1L)
Skin: ::Zullay:: Natural Skins- Blush (free fat pack)
Shoes: Maitreya - Limelights Zebra (0L)

Lastly, a new dollarbie from Kuri Style, a couple of old gifts from Maitreya and a cute skirt from Prim and Pixel Paradise:

Kuri Pixel
Skin: ::Zullay:: Natural Skins- Blush (free fat pack)

From Left to Right:

Dress: K*S: ONE-PIECE102silly!!!Leopard

Scarf: Maitreya: Sculpted Scarf - Blue (0L)
Skirt:Prim and Pixel Paradise: Primrose & Black Lace Skirt w/ Buckle
Shoes:Maitreya: Slinky Stilettos - Black Leather (0L)


I could not find the third box of the pirate outfit

21/9/08 1:00 PM  

its located under another box..

21/9/08 2:26 PM  

Box #3 is at 31/16/26

22/9/08 5:24 AM  

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