Avillion Hunt

Location: Avilion Isle Ancient Battlegrounds, tp HERE.
When: Thru Midnight SLT Sunday,9/21 (actually expect sometime Monday)
What to be found: 10 very small orange and green mate texture pumpkins. Check out the one hidden under the stone bench outside the landing point for example.
No coords given. Try it yourself this time. :P And have loads of fun!
Pumpkin Hunt
Mask & Earrings: Gifts from the hunt


omg I can't even find the bench! Xp But I'm not giving up yet - very pretty mask!

21/9/08 1:07 PM  


21/9/08 2:27 PM  

You've to find 26 pumpkins, not 10 ....

21/9/08 2:43 PM  

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