Lucky Chairs and Deals.

There are two lucky chairs in Haute Couture that is giving away two really gorgeous gowns and a couple of other random stuff, and from what I've observed the entire morning, the chair particularly favors A, I, J and Xs. I wished I was named Xing instead of Ding. -.-". Anyway here are the two gorgeous dresses:

Haute Couture
Gown:Haute Couture : Designer Sketch Gown

Haute Couture
Gown:Haute Couture :Dynasty Gown

Then there's this place that Venturino had already mentioned about last night with loads of unisex tee, Mode. Here are a couple of ladies tank top you can get for free too. Something to take note when you are there: Try out their fitting room, I personally think that they somehow resembles RL fitting rooms and they are plainly awesome.

Tops from Left to Right:
Tops: MODE: army tank
MODE: black tank
MODE: red tank
MODE: tank [C]

Last but not least, the dollarbie of the week from Elate! is a pink bareback dress, simple and chic! Get it before its gone!

Dress (without tights): Elate!: Luanna Blush


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