The One and Only.

shape, hair
Hair: ::69:: Model Hair 01 - offblack -
Skin: MMS Zero: Umber (Old Gift)
Shape: Valkyria Physiques: Ding's Shape

I've never thought of buying a shape ever because I always think that I can get the perfect look that I want. However, reagrdless how I tweak my shape, I will never look like any of the models that I see in the skin store. Valkyria Physiques is kind enough to offer me a customized shape to look exactly what I wanted. They took the specific measurements that I wanted, and a picture of the look I wanted to look like and with their magic touch and a speed of lightning, I get the shape the very next day I talked to them. Although the shape is not modifiable, you can talk to them if you are not satisfy with parts of your new look, and they will be very happy to make minor adjustments to it. You can get this customized shape and the follow up services at a very reasonable price. If you want to have the 'one and only' look in SL, why not drop by Valkyria Physiques today to see what they can do for you?


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