Good Morning!!

After a very stress day doing hunts (which is yet to be completed), there's a couple of sweet updates this morning. Digit Darkes is having their ritual weekly hunt and the 1L item is the Bronze Snake Skin Pants and the 100L item is the Black Betty Dress. Lemania Indigo has also given out a very neat ballet dress as group gift of the week for 1L.

Digit Darkes
Dress (worn in two ways):Digit Darkes-Betty Dress-Black (100L, U.P. 400L)

Digit Darkes
Bottom: Digit Darkes-Fall Collection-Snakeskin Pants-Bronze (1L)

Lemania Indigo
Dress: [LI]: Ballet Dance Box 9/13/08 Group Gift (1L)

Have fun and Have a great Sunday morning!


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