Do you love me?

Miu has the cutest tee set for couples in the lucky chair that changes between three items (the tee set, a skirt, and a skating costume which was widely posted everywhere) every five minutes. The tee set contains three unisex tees, a do you love me shirt, a yes shirt and a no shirt; both the yes and no shirt are transferable so you can give them to your loved ones/crush/hater. Then there's this you should already have known group gift hair from lamb. which you should totally grab. Join and check notices.

do you love me
From Left to Right (outfits all from lucky chair):
Top: *MIU* Tshirt=LOVE ME?=
Skirt: *MIU* longskirt

Hair: !lamb. Bonjour Operator - Resturant Ketchup (Join lamb. group and check notices)
Top: *MIU* Tshirt=LOVE ME?=

Just a short update for today. Have a great night!!


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