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We saw the camping in Energy Green Island that we read from Freebie Telegraph, and we know we have to do it, not only because it's fun, the camping time is short, and the prizes are great! Follow the instruction and lms to get to the prizes that you can get!!

1.Land here. Get a hud by clicking on the monkey, then wear it throughout the camping process. There are 5 spots that you have to camp for 5 mins each to have your battery fully charged, and then with that fully charged battery you can get three gifts of your choice at the prize room. Repeat the entire process to get more gifts.

Energy Green Island
The green bar is the hud you will be using.

2.Remember you have to go to ALL FIVE spots to camp to get the prizes. Follow the lms to get to the camping place.

Energy Green Island
Energy Green Island
Energy Green Island
Energy Green Island
Energy Green Island

3. Last but not least, go to the prize room and get the prizes that you want! You can get 3 prizes per battery charged. Repeat the process again (using the same hud) to get more gifts! Here are some of the prizes you can grab:

Energy Green Island
Hair: = Hal*Hina = [moss green mix] Hair -Daisy- 1
Skin: KAO SKIN *Cinnamon Green* for energy green ver.
Dress: *ENCEMBLE*natury set*ecoGift
Water Can: *DemiDemi water and flower can

Also, there's a 50L hair sale at TRUTH till 2/25, start stocking up for hair now! Have fun everyone!


I love the shoes

19/1/09 3:12 PM  

I wondered if the shoes came with the outfit or if not where you got them...


19/1/09 5:13 PM  

no, it doesn't come with the outfit.
It's from fashionably dead.

19/1/09 5:43 PM  

Thanks for the tip! I <3 the watering can!

20/1/09 1:58 AM  

Yeah, me loves the watering can too!

20/1/09 10:21 PM  

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