Stuffs to grab

Dress down as the country girl, or dress up to celebrate the inauguration day with the dresses from Miu and Elate!

aa girl
From Left to Right:
Dress: *MIU* Marydress (Join Miu Group and get it here)
Dress: (Elate!) Kat-Happy Inauguration Day! (1L, pay the fountain)

Do you still remember the super cute rudolph style hobby horse which I posted ages ago? [:Decolletage:] has once again come out with a super awesome color changeable skates that is packed with interesting AOs, and it's only for 1L! Go grab it now!

Skates:[:Decolletage:]Sculpted Ice Skates (1L)

It's a happy day today! Have a great evening everyone!


<3 you, Ding!! You look so cute :)

21/1/09 12:09 AM  

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