Roll the dice!

Dice Beattie of Roll the Dice was too kind to drop me some of his designs for a review. I have to say I love the stuff (not because I am getting the free stuff), the bold choice of style and color is the main reason I love them. You can get tees, pants, bandanas, glasses and jeans from this store at a very reasonable price! And while you are visiting, remember to grab the freebies on the wall which include tons of tees and a couple more random stuff.

Roll the dice
From Left to Right:
Tee: [RD] Pac Man Tee (0L, tons of other stuff in the folder)
Tee:[RD] Yellow, Gray, And Purple Checkered Tee (0L, tons of other stuff in the folder)
Tee: [RD] I'm Single If You're Rich Tee (90L)
Tee: [RD] Talk Nerdy Tee
Shades: [RD] Tie Die Shades (120 for a pack of 4)

If you are looking for something more formal to wear, you can always visit Beat, which is a different line from Dice Beattie (equally as bold as Roll the Dice)for more fashionable/formal occasions. You will definitely be the center of the attention. There are also some interesting men stuff too, so remember to check them out guys!

beat the dice
From Left to Right:
Dress: Beats by Dice Beattie: Shapes Dress (125L)
Dress: Beats by Dice Beattie: Aeroplane Dress(100L)
Dress: Beats by Dice Beattie Lemon & Lime Dress(150L)
Swimsuit: Beats by Dice Beattie: Swirly Cyclone Bathing Suit & Jacket(125L)

Have fun shopping and have a great day!


funky chic!


24/1/09 7:33 PM  

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