Beauty Avatar and new shoes!!

There's a dollarbie at Beauty Avatar that you have to grab. The bag contains the skin and the dress shown below.

beauty avatar
Skin+Dress: *Beauty Avatar Couture* A&A EVENT Gift (1l)

The new 50 flats mainstore will be opening soon and in the meantime I've made some new flats, with flowers for the spring and have put them out at the temporary location. Check them out at 50 flats temp store!!

50flats new
Shoes: 50flats (temp store)- Flower Flats

Also introducing the random vendor in the store which contains four pair of shoes which are limited only to the vendor, and they cost 35L a pair. You won't know which pair you will get (it's random!!) but it's transferable, so in case you get a same pair twice, you could give it away or exchange it with your friends! p/s please don't IM me for exchange.

50flats random vendor
Shoes: 50flats (temp store): Shoes in random vendor (35L/play)

That's it for now, have fun!


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