Did you know that Laleeta of Baking Cupcakes has opened up a pose store named Pffiou! ? If you haven't, you should definitely stop by! She have some cute dollarbie couple poses in her store, remember to join her subscribo when you are there as she gives away gifts from time to time!

Pose: Pffiou! Peaceful - Valentine Gift (1L, frame included but not shown)

Pose: Pffiou! Three is...(1L)

Also, grab these Jetcity, Arai and CsO tops too

Tops from Left to Right:
Top: *Jetcity* Jaket {Black} (0L)
Top: *Jetcity* Jaket {Gray} (0L)

purple gifts
Tops from Left to Right:
Top: *ARAI* group gift_jarsey (Join Arai Group and check notices)
Top: CsO: Cardigan viola e bianco (0L)

Thanks Alexiaa and Sexyback for the info. Have a great day!!


Thank you so much for the mention Vent :D !

17/2/09 10:43 AM  

np and thanks Laleeta :D

20/2/09 12:58 AM  

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