A Splash of pink!

AC Store released three pink outfits for Valentines day and they will only be available till the end of this week. What's best is that you get 500L giftcard with every purchase of any of these 3 outfits. Hurry down if you haven't check them out yet, this deal will be gone very soon! Shown in the picture is one of the outfits that you could get:

AC store
Outfits: *aC.Std::ValentineSUMMERAMA*(Thanks Aris!)

Have a great weekend shopping!

P/s: If you haven't gotten the 50L jeans from a.C store. You still have less than 24 hrs to grab it before they are gone. 


I can appreciate a different sense of fashion but this one is cringe-worthy Vent :) One step too far on the Valentine's Day colors :) I love this blog to death!!!

15/2/09 11:22 PM  

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