Finally Updates!!

Sorry on the lack of updates again. Here are some things that have been accumulated in my inventory these while:

1. Shoes!! I made a new free flats with ribbon goodness up for grab at the 50 flats (I finally decided on the name) temp store. The new store will be opening real soon, I will keep you updated!

50 Flats free
Shoes: 50flats: Pink weave flats with bow

2. Then you have to grab these interesting things from Kurotsubaki group and the one day only freebie veil/scarf from Runo-runo.

Interesting disguise
From Left to Right:
Hat, Moustache, Pipe: *KUROTSUBAKI* group present 2009 (Join Kurotsubaki Group and check notices)
~*RunoRuno*~ Samaria (Only available till tommorow 2/20, 10am SLT)

3. Here is also a new piece to Runo-runo's creations. It's called when I'm with you and this top could be worn the way it is, or you could wear the I'm with you alone top option when you are feeling a bit sexy.

When I am with you
From Left to Right (50L, pack of three):
Top: ~*RunoRuno*~ When I'm with You
Top: ~*RunoRuno*~ When I'm with You-strapless
Top:~*RunoRuno*~ When I'm with You Alone

4. Do the G Field Hunt. 5 teeny weeny teddies to be found around the place with various gift contained, heavy camera zooming needed. The hunt will be ending on the 25th and the gifties are very pretty, so go do it now! p/s thanks for the help T's friend!

GField Hunt

Last but not least, Lemania has began a long series of dollarbies, one different item (from old hunt items) everyday in store starting yesterday for over 150 days. Remember to check back every day as the gift will only be there for a day!

That's it for now, have fun!


O, M, G! Those flats are awesome!! Congratulations Ding!

19/2/09 8:57 PM  

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