Freebies and lucky chairs!

Some stuff to be grabbed from the hunts and also from a couple of lucky chairs!

Free stuff here and there
From Left to Right:
Dress: Kiss 37: On The Catwalk - Feather Dress
Dress: ~ENGLISH ELEMENT~ SOPHISTICATED SWEATER DRESS (lucky chair, changes every 30 mins)
Suit: Kiss 43: (PixelLounge) Linen Suit Set

Overall: [Pink] The Builder Jumpsuit - black (50L)
Yellow Bike: -KM-POCO custom mini (lucky chair, changes every 5 minutes)
Pink Scooter:-KM- CHOI (lucky chair, changes every 5/10 minutes)

Bed: Kiss 83: DAHaus-Vday round bed

Have a great sunday!


mwuahaha, i was wondering where the valentines sex bed was. ding, how do you look so damn good ALL the time? how????

8/2/09 11:15 AM  

I recognize those poses! *has a big smile*

8/2/09 12:01 PM  

Ding, and what is that hair,please?

8/2/09 12:43 PM  


Laleeta: Yeah, Laleeta, they are awesome~

Mo: Junwave.

8/2/09 12:52 PM  

While it is nice that Pixeldolls add items to the hunt, but this gray suit is a item from 2006, which I have bought just back then. So not really cool, IMHO.

9/2/09 1:38 PM  

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