Starlust hunt!

Here are some of the stuff (out of so many that you can grab) from the Starlust hunt! You have to start off by getting a hud, here and find 14 shattered heart pieces to start collecting the tons of goodies! VPoses is participating and is giving away two couple poses too (one of the poses shown at the sidebar)!

Starlust hunt
From Left to Right:
Hair: PUDGE: 1960's variety show
Outfit: Pig - FASHION Mysanthropic Variety Show Dancer

Hair: ::Inorite:: Valentine ~ Caramel, Caramel
Outfit: *Thimbles* Bondage Barbie Dance Party

Hair: BP*'s Starlust Valentine Hair! Black
Outfit: {SMS} Flower Babydoll Dress Purple

I am reopening my subscribo for today only (help on all recent hunts including this one, check subscribo history), there are still around 200 spots left till I close the group, hurry down here to join if you are interested!


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