Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy V day

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day! Hope it's a great one!! To show you all how much we love you, Vent is giving away the couple pose in the picture for free! And to top this all with some whipped cream and a bright red cherry, I am giving away three pair of flats (yes, I have opened up a flats only shoe store). You can get the pose and the shoes at a temporary location, here.

50 flats
Free Shoes!!

Happy Valentine's Day, I love you all!


Lovely post :))

Where can I find the hair used in the pic above, pleeease? I just love it!!!

and YaY! Happy <3 day !!! Lots of LOVE everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15/2/09 9:15 AM  

it's from vintage wear!

15/2/09 10:41 AM  

Oh thank you soooo much for a store full of flats! I don't wear heels, so this was a welcome entry!

15/2/09 3:35 PM  

Lovely flats^^
Thanks for making them, I'll go back another time to buy some.

16/2/09 11:42 AM  

Ding! I love the flats! They're grrrrrrrrreat! I think you need a photo here of you & that bear head, tho...just sayin'.
Vent! The poses are fantastic!
Thank you, both, for your generosity! So...now that you're all famous & stuff, it's not so much the D list, is it? ;)

16/2/09 3:00 PM  

Oo the Lady Gaga hair! I got it too! It's so pretty. If I only I could pull off her style.

18/2/09 1:17 PM  

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