Have you gotten all the hunt gifties? If not here are some stuff that you should grab!! Also check out the deals which are not from the hunt!

dresses and bags
From Left to Right:
Dress: GLBOX # 97: On The Catwalk - Couture Ruffle Dress - Mauve
Dress: GLBOX # 86: !Modern Gypsy! Velma Dress
Dress: Kiss 87: *SL* Shartattack Mini Pink Valentine Days Special

more hunt gifts
From Left to Right:
Bag: .::FabulouS::.Record Bag:)) (1L)
Outfit: Kiss 92: Pastas-Valentines

Bag: Kiss 111: [SG*] Love Case
Outfit: GLBOX # 24: MP Patchwork ~ Greatest Love

Top: MichaMi: Laila Sheer Shirt in Pink (subscribo gift, till 2/15)

hunt gifts and more
From Left to Right:
Outfit: GLBOX # 10: .: Naive :. Love me Forever

Top: *starshine* Blue & Plaid T-Shirt (20L, there's also a cute freebie top in store)
*starshine* Tube Socks - Blue with White Stripes (10L)

Outfit: Kiss 9: [T.P]-Valen

Dress: Valentine's special by Mashooka Designs (0L)

Also, Fascino has a 50L everything (including new hair) sale, go grab it before it ends (I don't know when though)! Have fun!


i love the brown hair! where is it from??

9/2/09 7:20 PM  

the hair is from lamb

9/2/09 9:43 PM  

This valentine give craft gifts to your honey.

10/2/09 6:27 AM  

And the blonde hair, where is it from??

10/2/09 12:04 PM  

that's from vintage wear

10/2/09 1:04 PM  

Awesome designs of these dresses for Valentines Day... I like this!!

11/2/09 4:32 AM  

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