Kawaii Look!!

Cute things to grab from Parallel Love, Elate and Miu, and introducing a new hair store (at least to me), Art Lago.

I read about this store from Bonekita's blog about the lucky chair hair, and that hair is super cool! While you are waiting for the chair, try out the demo for the hair sold there, for all the colors (and scripted functions) you get at a reasonable price, you will like them!

Kawaii girl
From left to right:
Hair: Art Lago: Dada Style (not free, but very cute)
Dress: PARALLEL LOVE Monthly group gift~FEB~(Join Parallel Love Group and get it here)

Hair: Art Lago: Lucky chair knit hair (lucky chair, changes every 10 mins)
Glasses: (Elate!) Heart Aviators (1L, pay the fountain)
Bottom:*MIU* shortpants(0L)

Good night!


Hello, would you be so kind to let me know where I can buy the cute pair of blue sandals worn along with the dress? Please! Want them so bad :-))Thanks in advance from

Hazel Homewood

3/2/09 9:04 AM  

They are from fashionably dead.

3/2/09 8:06 PM  

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