Lucky Chair!

There's a really cool top at English Element lucky chair that changes every 20 minutes, here, and also stop by Chicanery to pick up your free balloon!

Lucky Chair!
Hair: a.C - STD.GloXhair KlaaR (Not free)
Top: ~ENGLISH ELEMENT~ ARGYLE STYLE - BLUE - JACKET (20 mins, lucky chair)
Jeans: a.C FOR.SPRING - ADVENTURE.Jeans (previously posted, 100L to join AC Store group and buy it for 50L)
Balloon: Chica- Red Balloon with hold (0L)

Check out the interesting photobooth beside the store while you are waiting for the lucky chair. Here is a pic of me, Ding, Ping, Aris and Vas!

photo booth
The dress Ping (in the middle) is wearing is on the English Element's girl's lucky chair.

Thanks Aristoteles!!


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