Short Update again.

Note: Lazolli skin store is still closed. No worries, Nariko said that she will put it there for sometime, so no rush.

A couple of things to be picked up, from en Svale(not part of the hunt), Axel, Lookr for Greatest Love hunt.

free stuff
From Left to Right:
Top: **en Svale** Border Parka:::Happy Valentine!:::(0L)
Socks: **en Svale.** Free Knee Socks-Purple (0L)

Dress: Greatest love 15: AXEL - Liebe Dress

Dress: Greatest love 16: LOOKR ~ Elegente ~ Pink

Hope you people are still enjoying yourself with the hunts!!


love the hair

7/2/09 4:40 PM  

Thanks, the hair is from Junwave.

7/2/09 6:30 PM  

love your blog::) Very nice! Can you say me witch designer made the golden mary jane ballerina?Thank You :)

10/2/09 1:44 AM  

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