The Kiss Hunt.

Here are some of those that you can grab, more coming soon!

Kiss Hunt 3
From Left to Right:
Skin: Kiss 11:[lessthanthree] skins - mystery
Necklace: Kiss 42: *Kookie* Valentine Hunt charm necklace
Dress: Kiss 105: A-BOMB Kissed Hunt gift
Tights: Kiss 146: FTV - Valentine's Gift Tintable Patterned Tights
Shoes: *Kookie* Ella petites Valentine edition (45L)

Skin: Kiss 126:(Milk Motion) Alice Valentine *
Dress:Kiss 191: Ivalde: taylor valentine
Pose:Kiss 1: *V*Candy1

Outfit: Kiss 103: Baiastice_S_ BODY_Valentine

Kiss Hunt 2
From Left to Right:
Outfit: Kiss 181: Project Kiwi - Hunt Outfit (on the model)

Dress:Kiss 75: Ibizarre Sequin Dress -copper
Shoes: Kiss 155: (P-K)Suede Peep-Toe Rouge

Dress: Kiss 68: *katat0nik* (black) Rina Dress

Kiss Hunt 1
From Left to Right:
Lingerie: Kiss 170: [Pink] Sheer Heart (under the table)

Outfit: Kiss 183: [Y.M.X.] terry hoodie set v-day red (beside the word 'new')

Toy: Kiss 7: [PF] Panda
Dress:Kiss 127: {CF} Wings N Heart Cotton Dress

Kiss Hunt
Hat: Kiss 93: CC Cirque TopHat
Necklace: Kiss 85: Kunstkammer Blackheart Necklace
Mask: Kiss 21: amplify * serial kisser mask
Handcuffs: Kiss 30: Instinct handcuffs F

It's a fairly easy hunt, so have fun searching!!


ding you always make it easy to find the most beautiful hunt gifts ty so much!!!!

6/2/09 8:13 PM  

np, this is the purpose of the blog ok!

6/2/09 8:32 PM  

Dang you are fast!! and Wow gifts are amazing! TY!

6/2/09 10:33 PM  

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