I am a sick resident.

Join Sick Resident Group and check notices to get this awesome armor/hoodie top!

sick resident
Top: S.I.C49_Civilian'sCourt_Black_s.i.c version (Join Sick Resident Group and check notices)

Have fun!!


is there a male version of it too?

9/3/09 12:57 PM  

I like those boots! Where do they come from?

9/3/09 1:32 PM  

storm schmooz

9/3/09 2:14 PM  

Great post, I love that skin too, where is it from?

9/3/09 4:49 PM  

anon: I think it is unisex.

Kota: it's a coming soon skin from &bean.

9/3/09 4:56 PM  

Thanks, Ding.

11/3/09 3:46 AM  

Yeah, that top is cool...

15/3/09 12:28 AM  

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