Since Polaroid stopped producing instant films, I have to switch to a digital camera. But where to find one?

polaroid no more
Dress: Digit Darkes-Foreign Affair-Zebra/Black (200L, usual price 400L, till tommorow only!)

Cache-cache (I believe cache cache is the sound of taking pictures) has digital cameras in all colors and the best thing is it's only 20L each! However the downside is that it's only available in a random machine, you can't choose the color that you want, unless you are lucky. The camera is actually a typing AO and it has AO options for boys and girls. Trust me, it's super neat!

cache cache

cache cache

There is also a lucky board that changes every 10 minutes that is giving away a Shamrock edition of the camera that comes with a different AO. Totally worth the wait if you are into digital cameras!

cache cache


Head over to Cache-cache now!


Cache-cache is a game called hide-and-seek ;)


14/3/09 7:14 PM  

That's pretty neat, thanks for sharing x]

14/3/09 8:07 PM  

lili: Ah, I see,lol!

14/3/09 8:18 PM  

Just a warning if you buy the camera in the random machine for may just get an accessory instead of a camera..which is what happened to me:(( so there are no typing animations in this item, just an attachment on my hip :(

15/3/09 2:00 AM  

did they take down the vending machine for cameras?

15/3/09 3:14 AM  

I was actually coming to mention that "cache-cache" means "hide-n-seek" in french, but looks like someone already did XD French is my 1st langage hehe. It comes from word "cacher" which means "to hide", pronounced kah-shay XD Anyways, doing the teacher thing here XD <333 Love your blog, always!!

17/6/09 8:44 PM  

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