Remember Energy Green Island, where you camp by doing a couple of chores for a couple of minutes each and you get to pick gifts from a whole lot of gifts? It has updated the gift store with a couple of new things and for a complete hud you can exchange for 5 gifts! Repeat the steps to charge the hud if you want to get more stuff! Also, join :C'est la vie !: group and go here to get this cute dress.

Green Energy Island
Car: "TRICOLORE" COUPE "MATILDA" TR-4 (from Energy Green Island)

Green Energy Island, C'est La Vie
From Left to Right:
Dress: **[sister strawberry] flower onepiece** (from Energy Green Island)
Top: *DPS Exclusive Free Tank for Energy Green Island (from Energy Green Island)
Dress: ::*) Charmed (*:: Ensemble Dress -EnergyGreen- (from Energy Green Island)
Dress: ::C'est la vie !::groupgift ethnic dress (join :C'est la vie !: group and go here to get)

Have a great weekend!


Hi Ding, where are brown pants from ? So cute ty

15/3/09 5:40 AM  

those are from sweetest goodbye

15/3/09 10:09 AM  

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