Was supposed to post this yesterday, but I fell asleep. Anyway , here are the stuff that you might want to get:

From Left to Right:
Dress: *GC*Skin n Sweater (1L)
Top: (Elate!) Purple Cupcake Tank & Sprinkle Cupcake!(1L, pay the fountain)
Outfit: RFYRE FERVOR GIFT (60 mins lucky chair, TP tons of your friends over!)

And also join +*DEJAVU*+ group and check notices to grab two really cute pixie-ish hair!

Have a great sunday!


the Skin that You wearing is?:....

9/3/09 9:00 PM  

That hair is so chic! It's like high fashion hair. Where from?

9/3/09 11:49 PM  

anon: skin: &bean (releasing soon)
hair: creamshop

10/3/09 12:31 AM  

ThankZ ^^

10/3/09 7:34 PM  

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