CriCri and Mimikri

There's a group gift from Mimikri, and some group gifts and a random camp item from Cri Cri. What's interesting about Cri Cri is that it's not the usual hair store that gives you a folder or and item after you buy something, instead, they give you some shopping bags with a set of AO (which you could use as your AO) which you have to wear and touch it to get the hair. You must try it, I am pretty sure you will love it to bits.

Cri cri
Hair: CriCri-gHatFREE-ver2 (Join CriCri Group and get it on the table)
Top (and bottom, see pic below): Mimikri - Easter Gift / Roxy blue (Join Mimikri Hot News Group and check notices)

cri cri and mimikri
Shopping Bags with AO, part of the Cri Cri camp gift
Hair on Vent: CriCri-mHat01-ver2 (Join CriCri Group and get it on the table)
Hair on Ding: CriCri-bon04-C (Join CriCri Group and camp for 20 mins)

Have a great night!!


Oh I love the shopping bags. I was going to play around with something like this in PS, but if there are bags I can wear, then wicked x

20/4/09 4:07 AM  

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