Take a break from all the hunts, and grab these two non free dresses from Nah and Shirohato instead.

Feeling Gray
Dress: Nah!apr_01 (5L)
Dress: shirohato-cocoon light (60L)

The abundance of hunts have made them a bit meaningless nowadays, btw, did you hear about the gridwide that you have to pay 200L to hunt? LOL. Tell me what you think.


Hmm, haven't heard about that. Thanks for the heads up. I feel that hunts should be fun, I don't see how paying 200L to hunt would be fun. Just my opinion, of course.

15/4/09 8:33 PM  

Someone gave me the link yesterday, looks interesting, but I'll really have to see the upcoming sneak-peek posts on the prizes before I join. 200L might not be much to some, but to others it is.

As much as I love freebies, sometimes with all these hunts, it takes a lot of time to sort thru the junk you don't want. At the same time paying 200L for a freebie hunt seems a little sneaky. We'll see how it turns out ...

15/4/09 8:55 PM  

No, I'm not 'for' this. They have saturated the grid with hunts and then when no one wants to buy at the shops they decide to charge for hunting? These grid wide hunts are so labor intensive, my gosh something that takes days to complete, days to unpack...for what, a handful of things you will use or wear one or twice? Now, a hunt that is special to a designer I love like Cupcakes or a mall I patronize regularly, Crush Row...yeah that is where the butter zone is!

15/4/09 9:55 PM  

Well if you don't like hunts, o sorting through junk. stick to looking at the freebie blogs where it shows you some, and go get the ones you like. Or instead just don;t do hunts, go buy stuff you know you like. and the ones who want to pay, or do all the hunts, as these days SL is quite boring, atleast it's something to do. Quite simple really, don't want to pay to do 'yet aother hunt' then don't do it :)

15/4/09 10:07 PM  

I heard about this today, don't think I'll be in on this one. $200 seems steep for a hunt. I'm sure there are plenty who have that kind of money, I don't. Hunts are supposed to be fun. Guess this one will be a no-go for this girl, sadly.
Weren't hunts origiannly set up as freebies? Then those freebies had a 1L or 2L price to them..now this. Oh well...guess others will ejoy the fruits of their labor in this hunt.

15/4/09 10:08 PM  

Most of the grid-wide hunts are long, boring, full of Lag and items that someone couldn't pay me to wear. I often wait to see what Ding has blogged before I go on the "hunt". Otherwise, I just hit up the stores that I know and love. Bottom line, I'd rather spend my 200L someplace that sells high quality merch.

15/4/09 10:28 PM  

I guess it's along the same lines of thinking as some stores charge people to be in their store groups for updates and exclusive group gifts. From what I read, this is supposed to be weeding out the designers that don't produce appropriate items to give out, as well as keep out just the people who grab and go. So, I see that point.

At the same time, L$200 is 2/3 a weekly stipend. I'm not sure if I really into it; I, too, will ahve to see the previews.

15/4/09 11:41 PM  

I do not mind paying the 200L fee if the participants are reputable designers. Which mean a list of vendors or gift preview have to be shown before I fork up the 200L. I've stop doing hunts due to the horrible gifts that's been given out in the past, and those grid wide hunts usually takes a week or more, who has that kind of time in their hands? At times I will normally check this blog to see if I like what Ding find and will then go grab that item. I then will go back to that store after the hunt period and spend L$ at the store. Hunt's are a great way to discover new shops and if those findings end up in the trash then it's quite a waste of time.

15/4/09 11:57 PM  

I completely feel exhausted after a hunt and although hunting can be fun -- sorting out redundant items that just don't look good is the biggest pain of all. I've heard of the hunt and I'm actually really interested -- 200L is not a lot to pay for the quality of the work the designers participating are putting out.

I've seen some sneak peaks of what might be out for the hunt; they're thoroughly gorgeous and I really think are worth more than the 200L that you're paying for :)

Hunts are meant to be fun though, and if you don't enjoy doing it -- I wouldn't recommend participating in something where $$ has to be forked out.

16/4/09 5:45 AM  

I'd pay at least 200L or even 1k (or more) to do a Lelutka, armidi, detour or any other quality 'A-list' designer hunt!

but then, I'm just dreaming!!

(but what a great way of making a mint! *hint hint*!)

16/4/09 7:02 AM  

I am actually looking forward to the paid hunt. I do enjoy the fun of hunts and discovering new places but I often will just do an edit on the object to check contents to see if it looks like something I want. If not, I won't pick it up and thus save myself a lot of sorting. Since I have two premium accounts, one of which is old enough to get a 500 a week stipend, I don't have a problem at all with 200 L. From what I have read the cost for this hunt is because the prizes on it will all be from good designers, with a special prize to those who finish the hunt. I do hunts with a very low ARC av from a very good computer and thus don't have as much problems with lag. I am also retired and can spend 10 - 12 hours a day on SL, thus for me a hunt like this paid one coming up can make a lot of sense. I am looking forward to it.

16/4/09 9:00 AM  

I'll be doing this hunt for a couple of different reasons.

1. It's not a hunt. The items will be prominently displayed with a poster showing what the item is. There won't be any worries about sorting through garbage.

2. There aren't going to be very many designers invited, so it's not going to take that long. It IS by invitation only, and the invitations are only being sent to the best designers.

3. It's set up as a protest against all of the huge grid wide hunts that have caused a lot of designers to spend all of their time and effort creating things to give away instead of spending time creating quality items to sell in their shop. Apparently it's done more to hurt their business than help it.

Personally, I HATE all of these hunts that have been going on. I refuse to participate in them at all, although I'll pick up a thing or two if I happen upon them. It's become mind-numbingly boring to me, and I agree that the quality sucks and the quantity is beyond ridiculous.

Wow! Sorry for the novella Ding, lol.

16/4/09 10:31 AM  

haha...Nice to hear from all you guys!

I think I will pay for 200L if the prizes are worth lot more than that (like what some people did brought up), and also if it's not a grid wide. But that's my opinion of course.

We shall see the preview and decide!!

16/4/09 10:34 AM  

I understand the point; they are trying to weed out bad designers and ungrateful hunters that wouldn't even spend one linden to gain two back. So I 'get' it, but I don't know if I will participate.

For me, 200L is a lot, so I wouldn't without seeing the items. But never say never. I like the idea of it, though, and I wouldn't mind seeing more of it in future with perhaps a more accessible entry fee.

I am sick of hunts, too. Judging by the comments, I'm not the only one. The Bunny Hop was great fun, (AND I did it without cheats) and I liked 80% of the prizes, and it introduced me to a myriad of new stores which I am now enamored of, so I wouldn't mind if all hunts were around that level. Sadly, they aren't though.

Bad hunts are a disservice to Second Life and bad hunt items are a disservice to the designers themselves. They hurt everybody. If you just throw a horrible item out there, you're just hurting your own business, and if you just throw a hunt together for the sake of it, it's the same thing. You find more and more people becoming jaded about hunts in general, and watching and waiting for blogs like D-list and mine; (shameless plug, XD) to review items for them-- with the intent of just grabbing stuff they like instead of actually hunting, or hitting their fave designers who are participating, only. This means that other newer stores, perhaps with quality items, don't get the exposure they want and need from the hunt-- and the more hunts people throw out there the worse this problem gets. It's a vicious cycle, really.

Erm, I don't know what my point is. I think it was, QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY. Yey!

... I talk too much. =X

16/4/09 1:23 PM  

A thought - and I've had this before with other types of 'pay to play' things - if people have money that'd they'd be willing to donate to this (provided they think its a good cause), it'd be interesting to see if those without the money to spend could put in applications, and they they could be 'sponsored' so to speak. There would have to be a lot going into review, and perhaps something on the applicants' end so that they're not just getting off for free, but that might help out with newbies wanting to get in but being broke.

16/4/09 2:43 PM  

I was also wondering, where does the 200L go to? Charity?

16/4/09 3:07 PM  

I found this, but it's a little different than the notecard I got in-world from (I think) Atomic Kitty...


17/4/09 10:21 AM  

I thought the 200L fee to hunt was kinda ridiculous, but then I got the application for the GFAK organizer's next hunt, in which he expects the vendors to pay him 1000L just to be in the damn thing, on top of what he's apparently gonna charge hunters...and I wonder if this is the way hunts are gonna go.

I don't like the idea of paying to hunt. If vendors would just put out quality items, rather than boxing up stuff that they can't sell (And I think, like in the Bunny hunt, that was the exception rather than the rule, I am *thrilled* with 90% of what I got from that hunt. :D), it would make hunts a damn site more fun.

I think, in the end, the cool thing about having so many hunts going on at once...is it gives people a choice(excluding, of course, you ocd types who feel like you have to do every hunt on the grid. lol), and in the end I think *that* will determine whether or not we'll see very many pay to hunt events.

~Ash, the longwinded

17/4/09 12:28 PM  

Pretty sure the L200 goes to make money for the hunt organizers...

I don't know, there are only a few (maybe 4 or 5) out of that list that would be worth it to me.

I do like hunting, although I too tend to skip right to the stores I like where I know I won't be deleting the items.

Hunts do expose stores to a lot of new potential customers. Although most will not buy, there are always those of us who have disposable lindens and we find our way to many new stores via freebies and hunts and come back to spend later.

I too would like to see one with a lot of true top designers good quality merchandise. I would pay for a hunt like that. And I think if someone could get Armidi to participate in a paying hunt they would make a killing.

17/4/09 12:39 PM  

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