Thanks Shino for telling me about this. I know you want this scooter, it's very realistic, color changeable and pose changeable ...and most of all it's FREE (for a limited time)!!! What are you waiting for???

Scooter Ride!
Scooter: [19MC] D-Hello 1.06 (0L, for a limited time!)


Lol you two looks so cool, like that video "You" from Ten Sharp :D. Vent looks like Marlon Brando and Ding like Audrey Hepburn XD.

18/4/09 3:33 AM  

I love that scooter

18/4/09 6:05 AM  

lol they took the sim down :(

18/4/09 11:36 AM  

huh? It's still there.

18/4/09 11:51 AM  

sim went down temporarily, back up now

18/4/09 12:45 PM  

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