Saturday Finds

Some items you might be interested in getting today:

Snapshot_003 copy
From Left to Right:
Top: E! Argyle Vest and Shirt - Limited colour (0L)
Dress: *Lunas boutique* Black wool dress (Join *Lunas boutique* and check notices)
Top: *Lunas boutique* Devi jacket (Join *Lunas boutique* and check notices)

Snapshot_005 copy
Lingerie: *RD* Avery Moo! *GROUP GIFT* (Join Reasonable Desires Group and get it here)

Snapshot_009 copy
From Left to Right:
Necklace: Le Choix- Atlus III - gold -F (0L)
Necklace: Le Choix - Love III - yellow (0L)
Necklace: Le Choix - Love I - black (90L)

Earrings: LaGyo Imagination Earrings (2L)

Have a great weekend!


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