Beetlebones and Drown.

Cute new vest and outfits from Beetlebones!! You can find this at the Creator Pavillion's sale!! (btw awesome awesome event you have to go with tons of cheap stuff, which I will blog these two days, hopefully.)

Vests: bb**Mini Furves
Outfits: bb**Preppy Carly

And also new cute stuff from Drown!!! Stop by the store today!

Dress: .:*Drown*:. Grey Winter
Dress: .:*Drown*:. The Hunt ~ Grey

As christmas is near, tons of group gifts that you can get, and it's such a long list, I will probably list the things here sans the pictures:

Barbee (subscribo gift) -> Poncho and skirt
Courtisane (subscribo gift) -> Booties
Elate! (subscribo gift) -> Christmas stuff
G* Field (subscribo gift) -> Gown and shoes
Gbberish (Join Talking Gbberish Group and get it here) -> booties
Malt Fashions (subscribo gift) -> Outfit
Muism (Join -Muism- group and check notices) -> Jacket
Nardcotix (subscribo gift) -> Heels
Ohmai (subscribo gift) -> Tops
Pididdle (subscribo gift) -> Fun stuff/necklace
Scribble (Join I heart starlust group and check notices) -> text changeable tag
Surf Co. (subscribo gift) -> Slippers
This is a fawn (subscribo git) -> Dress
Truth (subscribo gift) -> Messenger bags
Uncleweb (Join ;;;;Uncleweb Studio;;;; Group and check notices) -> hair
Veschi (subscribo gift) -> Coat

Have fun!!


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