Drowsy sim goodies!!

Drowsy sim, one of my favorite place in SL is having this winter fair kinda thing where you can get seasonal knick knacks, new releases and some dollarbie stuff. The tees and scarf are imo unisex, so guys get them too!!! (not all shown below)

tees: "Drowsy" 3color tee (1L each)

tees: "Drowsy" Gloves tee (1L each)

tee: "Drowsy" Gloves tee - black (1L)
scarf: *KUROTSUBAKI* 8iro_stall (1L)
skin: BP*winter skin/***underwear***/2009-12


wow this shirts is so wonderfull. but, i cant found on the sim, can you say me where can i found this?

I wish you Mary Chrismas

24/12/09 11:29 AM  

Buzz me in world

24/12/09 12:50 PM  

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