CP Winter Sale

You can miss any other sale but this, because the Creator Pavillion Sale kinda gather all the good stuff at a low price together. Sale ends 1/12. No worries you still have tons of time. It's also a good time for you to get your hands on some Aoharu stuff (coat + scarf = 200L) Here are some of the things I got:

Winter Sale
Outfit: tomoto, comme un garcon set A (100L)
Outfit: tomoto, comme un garcon set B (100L)

Winter Sale
Outfit: tomoto, pas fillette - deux (225L)

Winter Sale
Hat: Sculpted Santa Hat by [Buried] (1L)
Top: Meriken Co. "HOOD" Burgundy (160L)
Skirt: barbee. Long Skirt "AKE" black (75L)
Shoes: *ordinary* -Tarsius- CP Limited edition (400L)

Winter Sale
Piano: ::: Libber's Antiqe Toy Piano Xmas sp ::: (160L)

Winter Sale
Chair: *BR Winter Noodle Chair (1L)

Have fun shopping!


OH I love Tomoto!, you changed skin!
Merry Christmas!!!

24/12/09 5:17 AM  

hey hey!!! yeah!!! and I love this new skin and Merry Christmas!!

24/12/09 9:59 AM  

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