It was a rainy day.

Vent told me about a sim this morning. " You just have to visit this place, it's really neat." So I took the train to the Trilogy, came out from the station, and realized it was raining.Quickly I ran to the nearest place that I can hide and took out my umbrella.

Rainy day at Trilogy
Oh gosh, when is this rain going to stop?

The little stores along the street looked so inviting. The rain can't stop me from my little excursion in Trilogy.

Rainy day at Trilogy
Strolling down the alley.

It's indeed a really small place, with probably 5 stores at the most along the whole alley. Two thirds of these stores are selling chic, affordable men's clothings. Vogart, which is the only boutique for girls is worth your time checking out. Girly, cute and affordable, the dresses and outfits sold here are mostly must haves for every girl's closet. I found a sweet gift (free) in the store, it's a red checked top which is great for a day out picnic or by the beach.

Top:Vogart:Check Camisole-Red
Shorts: <3 Cupcakes: Shorts Pack #2 -White

The trip to Trilogy won't take you long, but remember to bring your umbrella along because they don't call this place 'Fashion Alley in the rain' for nothing.

One last thing before I end this post, Blanc is closing down tonight (or so I heard), there will be markdowns and freebies in the store and after that they will be all gone. TP there today as this is the last chance you can get your hands on some Blanc dresses.

Dress:***Blanc***: ShimaShima Dress


Lovely Pictures :)

14/8/08 8:33 PM  

Thank You!

15/8/08 12:20 PM  

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