Don't take my doggie away!

And if you do, I will cry.

Following the previous CSR post that I blogged about, I just have to show you some of the other goodies that I exchanged with my 7 cards. If you don't know the drill to get the CSR gifts yet, read the instructions here.

Other than the DP Yum Yum Bunny Doll (shown here), I also got myself a French Bulldog from Vooner that comes in all sizes and 6 options, and also a Minajunk limited edition 'Cry' skin which is so detailed that you even get a prim teardrop attached to your eyes.

Skin: Minajunk: Cry Skin (free from CSR2008S)
Dress: M&R Cupcakes: Ringed Dress - Gray (Join <3 Cupcakes Group and check up notices)
Shoes: Giusia: Ginevra Green Sculpted Heels (1L from hunt, posted here)

Dog: Vooner
: Holding French Bulldog (free from CSR2008S)
Bracelet: Stiletto Moody: Heart Charm Bracelet (Free for 48 hours, I heard, so hurry!)

Stay tuned as I have more gifts from CSR to show!


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