Velvet hunt

It's the time of the week where it gets busy again. Velvet is having a hunt starting today and will end at 8/17, Sunday. I was there this morning, and I managed to find a couple of neat stuff. It is not a very tough hunt as the hidden bags and love shapes are quite visible. I believe there are more hidden in the sim, so if you have any clues on the gifts that I haven't find, feel free to tell me and I'll update the list. Here are the coordinates just in case you need them:

velvet hunt

velvet hunt

Without Pictures:
BF babe-kate gloss pinkF Skin
: 228/121/23
The Crystal Queendom by Livinglight: 204/97/23
Velvet Big Box by the Gift: 225/11/23
Rochasocks: 97/215/23
Another pair of eyelashes (I believe it's the same as the other one): 64/195/23
Vain Inc Poses (3 pack): 20/27/24

Till then, have fun hunting!


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