OOpS! opened up a new store here and to celebrate this they are having this huge sale where the old inventories are 0L to 20L at the most. The best part about the outfit in Oops! is that they are modifiable and transferable, so if you happen to get bored with them, you can give them away! I don't know when the sale will end, so hurry while it last.

From Left to Right:
Top: OOpS: Spring (10L)
Outfit: OOpS: Scot (Free)
Outfit: OOpS: Diva (10L)
Outfit: OOpS: Vichy (1L)

This is a long overdued one. PUDGE has given out a group gift recently which I think is awesome. It's a playful updo that could be worn whenever. Join PUDGE Update Group and check up notices to get it.

Hair:PUDGE: The Organic Playful Beast


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