Thanks to Free Finds For Men Group notices, I added tons of tees into my clothes inventory for just 1L from Zoobong! You can find two boxes there, 1L each, and both contains supplies of T-shirts. The picture shown below are the different designs (not all shown) of the tees that I got in pink from freebie 1(comes in a lot of color too, also included in this box.)

Tops: Zoobong: Freebie 1: Various Designs in Pink

Freebie 2 (part of the pack shown below) consists various tees for those who love to express themselves in another way.

Zoobong: Freebie 2: Various Designs

With these two dollarbie box of tees, you will never complain that you don't know what to wear ever again! (at least for a month or so..)


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