Blast from the 50s

[UPDATE]: Okay, Anyone who wants to do the Alice in the Wonderland hunt Looking Glass Stage , IM me, I have some useful tips/ help list. *winks. And anyone who managed to finish the Go Ask Alice Stage, pass me a list, please. I'm lazy. -.-

Two 50s style dresses up for grabs at Bellissima and Bettie's Vintage Clothing for 1L each.

From Left to Right:
Dress: Bettie's Vintage Clothing: Halter Neck - Dots -White
Dress: Bellissima: Dazzle Party - Bright Red

There's a 'Alice in the Wonderland' themed hunt going on here right now. Still not very clear on how it works, but I am pretty sure if you finish everything, you are eligible to get into a linden draw, and the first prize is a whopping 3000L!! The hunt will end on 9/22 , so hurry before the weekend lagfest starts!

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