Let's Take A Break

[UPDATE:] Hollywood Gesture Hunt's owner was kinda upset because I am offering notecards (when I promised I wouldn't, I'm sorry), so they have changed all the locations of the stuff and the notecard that I have is outdated. People who haven't do it, good luck! Domestic -V's 5L/10L skin sale will be on till 6am SLT 9/14, so if you thought if you had missed it, it's now a great chance to rush there to grab them.

...from that awful LoveSoul Hunt and relax with some cheap/free stuff updates:

Skin: Domestic -V: Vivid Skin (5L, Sale's still on!! Hurry!!)
Outfit from Left to Right:
Dress: K*S :One Piece21BOX blackCAMISOLE
Oufit (bra excluded): Rha!: corduroy capris and sheer elegance

p/s Anyone need coords on Discord or Elemiah hunts, feel free to IM me in world so that I can pass you a notecard. Thanks Linda Mensing!


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