Free tees for guys and free dresses/ outfits for girls! Thanks Suri for being my model (and for the tips too)! There's this Japanese place, MODE, that gives away a couple of unisex tee and girl tank tops which I find good quality. Their non freebie tops are cheap too, ranging from 10L to 20L. Also, check out the other stuffs that are featured in the pictures below, they are great and free too!!

Vent and Suri
Outfits from Left to Right:
On Venturino: Amacci: Puma white, (0L)
On Suri: Girls Style: Antique Pink Set, (0L)

On Suri: Girls Style: Blue Dots Bikini Set (camping chair gift, 10mins)
On Venturino: Amacci: Slips shirt, (0L)

Vent and Suri
On Suri: SYSY: Denim Skirt Set, (1L)
On Venturino:MODE: T-shirt, (0L)

Vent and Suri
On Venturino: MODE: T-shirt J, (0L)
On Suri: K*S: ONE-PIECE101fashion contest (0L)

Vent and Suri
On Venturino: MODE: T-shirt giraffe, (0L)

I am off to bed now. Have a great night people!


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