Three very nice dresses at Ingenue and Sweet Rainbow, free for grab!

Free Dresses
From Left to Right:
Dress:Ingenue ~ Polka Love ~ Halloween Gift (0L)
Dress: ...S*R... fairly white dress
Dress:...S*R...The Snowflake Dress (0L)

Two cute tops for 1L @ Bombon!

From Left to Right:
Top: BomBon Free mizutama Blouse Pink*
Top: BomBon Free Tanktop Pink*

No teaser items on the hunt today, but there are good news, there will be a lucky draw for 1000L Muism gift certificates and a 500L Chambre Du Chocolat gift certificate to be won in the hunt. So remember to drop by next Monday~! I will show more teaser items tommorow, so stay tuned.

Good night!


Hey, have to ask...;) where is the hair from? its too cute.

Btw. cool blog. :)


4/11/08 5:35 AM  

Thanks, angie.

The hair is from DOCOMO hunt, blogged previously by Venturino,

don't know if it's still on though.

Best of all ,the hair is scripted so it is color changeable~!

4/11/08 11:48 PM  

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