There's a limited time freebie till 10/31 at Aoharu, so grab it quick~! There's also a same outfit in another color on the lucky chair (I believe it used to be the same one from the crush row.), so try out your luck at the same time!

Outfit: Aoharu: SailorCollarJacket:LightGreen (Limited Freebie till 10/31)

So here is a teaser showing you more stuffs that you can get from the D-list hunt, which will be starting on 11/3. Thanks to Rockberry, Bingo, Ibizzare, DYN and EMA for participating and providing such nice stuff, you girls are AWESOME and thanks!

Skin: .:[RockBerry] D-Hunt skins
From Left to Right:
Dress: {Bingo} Niv Orange Set for fugly blockhead hunt
Bag: =E.M.A= BAG

Coat and Jeans: Ibizzare: Peacoat and Glam Jeans

DYN Rose Playsuit

There will be more that could be found in the hunt~! And that's about it for today, have a great night!


i LOVE =E.M.A= :-)..

30/10/08 3:53 AM  

yeah~! She's a friend of mine, Very nice girl.

30/10/08 8:16 AM  

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