Ding is one annoying girl (the blockheads agreed) and she's so annoying that the blockheads hired some witches to teach her a lesson. So they tried hard to figure a way to shut her mouth up.

Witch Avatar: El'n - LE Witch Avatar (TP here to join group and check notices to get it)

After much discussion, they found out that they could actually grow a giant human eating evil plant to chomp Ding down.


The plant finally grew into a ferocious man eating machine and the witches lured Ding over to their place ala Hansel and Gretel style and they succeeded!


And Ding is now still struggling to get out from the mouth of the evil plant. Save her, anybody?

Don't forget to check out Eln wooden robot avatar and sprout robot avatar when you are there, they are super cute! Oh, save Ding out too if you happen to see her struggling in the mouth of the evil plant. LOL. Good night!

P/S Thanks Paoletta Fullstop for the info on Eln and thanks Eln Alter for giving away such cute AVs, last but not least, thanks for posing in the pictures. : )


Hahaha, this is so funny Venturino, great post :D

1/11/08 12:15 AM  

thanks Takeshi!! luckily she is safe now. =D

1/11/08 2:48 PM  

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